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It is 100% legal & safe 

You earn from your friends’ purchases
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Only 2 simple steps to earn money online
Step 1    : Signup as a vegieniu affiliate members
Step 2    : copy & paste the link to “Social Media” 
included: Facebook / Instagram / Whatsapp / Wechat ... & etc 
After login, copy & paste the "Signup Downline" link in Menu → Rewards → Signup Downline →  just copy & paste the "link" to any social media, you will get pay when your friends signup & buy from this link. it is simple !
You get  : maximum 10% of commission from their purchases
whole life commission scheme: you will get pay every time for every purchases by them.  
1st tier: 5% 
2nd tier : 3%
3rd tier  : 2%
Your friend get : RM5.00 will be credited into their vegieniu account after they have complete signup process thru the "Signup Downline" link.

How to share out signup link to facebook

then follow the steps in the video below.

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